by Holy Sheboygan!

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released March 3, 2017

All songs written while in residence at The Wormfarm Institute
in Reedsburg, WI

Julia Blair - Vocals, Violin, Viola, Accordion, Percussion
Ben DeCorsey - Vocals, Electric Guitar, Banjo, Percussion, Mandolin,
Jeff Edenberg - Vocals, Trash, Horns, Wurlitzer
Rachel Graber - Vocals, Trash, Ukulele,
Alex Heaton - Vocals, Bass, Percussion
Liam O'Brien - Vocals, Guitar, Percussion, Sax,

Jake Crowe - Clarinet on "Could've Been"
Mike Schumacher - Flute on "Sleep"

Tracked by Amos Pitsch & Holy Sheboygan
at The Crutch of Memory in Appleton, WI
Mixed by Liam O'Brien & Mike Noyce
Mastered by Zach Hanson
Produced by Holy Sheboygan with Liam O'Brien

Cover Art by George Ziegler



all rights reserved


Holy Sheboygan! Wisconsin

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Track Name: Can You Feel It?
Everybody's searching for something
But the river's already running
So get into the water

Can you feel it?
Track Name: Sleep
Sleep sleep sleep
Creep creep creep
Deep deep deep
Sweep sweep sweep

Kiss my hips with every fingertip
Sipping breaths that won't stay in
Smothering the buzzing brainfuzz
Pickling my clammy pits
Track Name: Could've Been
A good cigar always holds its ash
Each one holds a random chance
Long before the dice were rolled
Long before the dice were rolled

Whiskers, frying pans, wad of cash
Wider than a paper tube
A million-billion probabilities
Long before the dice were rolled

Oh so proud of your could've been

Could’ve been a star or a quasar
Could’ve been a nebula
Could’ve been a supervoid
Could’ve been the nitrogen hugging Titan
Could’ve played ring toss, Jupiter to Saturn

Could’ve been a cloud or a waterfall
Could’ve been the Vatican
Could’ve been a carpenter
Could’ve been a basket or a basket ball
Could’ve been a courthouse
Could be dirt

Could’ve been a match
A geranium
Could’ve been an ovary chuck fulla couldabeens
Could’ve been the silk or the silkworm
Could’ve been the handle
Could’ve been the hammerhead

Could’ve been a grain in a sandhill
Could’ve been a fragment freed from uranium
Could’ve been a virus or a gamma ray
Could be dreaming
Could be dead
Track Name: Oh Heavy
Oh, heavy...
Oh, how heavy...

And the words run out on me

If the words run out
May my thoughts bring rain

Oh, heavy...
Oh, how heavy...

If the feeling falls
And the night speaks rain
Oh let it rain
Rain down on me

When the feeling falls
May my lungs breathe rain
Then let it rain
Rain make a river
River run
Track Name: Hecate
I can see your crimson headband
I can see your golden bangles
I see your thousand eyes unblinking
Deep as oceans, black as space

I am just a lonely seeker
Dancing on your silver teeth
I can see your cup of power
Outside in the witching hour

Tie me up in your pearl-studded waistband
Fly me home on your four feathered wings
Bind my wrists to the branches of the yew tree
Clear my mind and whisper me your name

Crawl up the vine, crawl up the vine
'Til snakes come out my eyes
Crawl up the vine, crawl up the vine
entangle my insides

She who has three faces
She who works her will
She who turns the heavens
She who walks with hounds
She who sits in doorways
She who carries torches
She who speaks with ghosts
She who is green-tinted
She who is bright-shining
She who is the bringer of the gods

I can see your club and lotus
I can see your beast familiar
I see you are the secret keeper
And maiden of the cosmic milk

Ever-changing, nothing changes
Ever upward, ever nowhere
Boil fast or boil slowly
Take me to my one and only

Mark my skin with the symbols of our alter
Hear my voice as I make your ancient cry
Cut my hands with your old stone daggar
Draw the veil and present yourself to me